The Cognac sector is proud to contribute positively to the development of the region while taking into account the well-being of all local residents. It is mindful of its environmental and societal impact, and seeks to constantly reduce the use of pesticides, with the aim of eventually becoming pesticide-free.

To develop best practices, demonstrate greater transparency and secure the future of its vineyards, the sector has chosen to obtain environmental certification for its winegrowing estates while investing significantly in research and development.

As part of this initiative, winegrowers are committed to protecting their environment, as well as promoting biodiversity, ensuring air, soil and water quality and aiming for carbon-sober operations.



A growing number of sector operators are seeking to preserve and boost biodiversity, which is essential for the sustainability of the vineyards and the region at large. They are implementing concrete actions including maintaining and creating semi-natural habitats such as hedges, copses, woodland edges and prairies in vineyards. They also protect pollinating insects thanks to melliferous cover crops, while the presence of cover crops in general in between vine rows enhances fauna and soil biomass.

VIDEO – Biodiversity

Objective: biodiversity!

More grass in the Cognac vineyards

Sustainable viticulture and biodiversity