The Cognac Geographical Indication stretches out over two Charentes departments and several villages in the Dordogne and Deux-Sèvres.

Initiated in december 2010 by the BNIC, the Cognac Educator program aims at building a network of french and international certified trainers who want to spread Cognac culture and knowledge in their own countries.  

  • WHO ARE THECognac Educators ?

    Cognac Educators are worldwide prescribers who want to spread Cognac culture and knowledge in their own countries through seminars, masterclasses and various training courses.

Each Cognac Educator has been invited to an immersive Cognac journey to discover all its richness and make exciting encounters.

A three day program allows them to meet distillers, winegrowers, merchants, coopers, bartenders and sommeliers to feel close to the Cognac reality.

To improve their knowledge, they participate to masterclasses (initiation to cocktails, food and Cognac pairings) to become true experts.

Once their knowledge has been validated by two examinations (written and oral), they will  receive a diploma and join the worldwide community of Cognac Educators. This official recognition allows them to promote Cognac culture around the world and to share their passion.

We want to thank them for their commitment and loyalty!

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Cognac Educators support the Cognac industry in its efforts to train, raise awareness and promote the Cognac culture by organizing masterclasses and Cognac tasting for professionalsstudents and enlightened amateurs. 

Did you know

Each year, more than 40 applicants send aapplication to become a Cognac Educator in their country. Only 10 to 12 of them are selected by a jury of professionals (winegrowers and merchants) to participate to the certification program and come to be trained in Cognac. 

How to become Cognac Educator ? 


    Each applicant must be free of any commitment to only one brand of Cognac.

    In no circumstances may the candidate be a distributor, importer or exclusive representative of only one brand of Cognac.

    It is very easy to apply, the candidate has to send us a resume and a cover letter ( in which he (or she) explains his (or her) passion, motivations and all the actions he (or she) wishes to develop to promote the Cognac appellation.