Whether you're a novice or a knowledgeable connoisseur,

the Cognac appellation offers a tailor-made experience suspended in time, to discover the Charentes region as you have never seen it before… From tastings to workshops and discussions, prepare for a captivating journey.

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  • An oasisout of time

    While Cognac is famous around the world, behind the scenes, this enchanting drink offers visitors an array of unexpected sensations. To better understand and appreciate this unique wine spirit, come and join us on a timeless journey in the heart of Cognac.

Whether you’re a couple, on your own, with family or friends, you will receive a warm welcome and be invited to discover all aspects of Cognac know-how, sharing unforgettable moments with the producers and ambassadors behind this unique drink.

A variety of tours and activities will help you enjoy everything the region has to offer. Alongside visits to famous Cognac houses and vineyards, you will also have the opportunity to take part in interactive workshops and sensory activities.

Choose between entertaining, interactive, or simply delicious experiences.

  • Learn about the art of blending and make your very own XO Cognac during an entertaining masterclass
  • Enjoy a birds-eye view of our vineyards in a hot-air balloon
  • Meander through the vineyards in a vintage car and stop off for a delicious picnic
  • Take part in a cocktail workshop and become an expert mixologist
  • Treat your taste buds with Cognac-food pairings featuring delicious desserts

Plan your trip

These three essential websites will help you plan your trip in the heart of the Cognac appellation and make the most of your visit to this outstanding region:

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  • CognacExpériences

    Dive into the Cognac universe and delight all your senses: touch the dry, humid cellars, see the plethora of colours, smell the aromas of oak barrels and, of course, taste delicious Cognacs, while enjoying their retronasal effect.

Your sensory experience will culminate in Cognac-food pairings at prestigious houses.


Download the Cognac Pairing app, which shakes up traditional pairings and gives Cognac the attention it deserves by offering a complete gastronomic experience.

  • Visit usall year round

    The Cognac region welcomes visitors all year round. Our négociant houses offer introductory tasting sessions and are delighted to share their wealth of expertise with visitors from January to December.

  • In autumn

    In Autumn, admire the changing landscape and soft light reflecting on the vines as the harvest unfolds. This is the season when the grapes are ready to be picked. Try your hand at manual harvesting, take the time to visit an artisan cooperage, and appreciate the immense beauty of the vineyards. In November, the Cognac Marathon takes place. This is a fantastic stage race with stop-offs in 14 négociant houses, each offering customised tours to the 42 certified wine estates and the distilleries at the peak of their activities.

  • In winter

    In winter, during the Distilleries en Fête festival, the still takes centre stage. During the distillation period, numerous aromas linger in the air while distillers and “bouilleurs de cru” open their doors to share their passion and unique know-how with visitors. This is the ideal time to enjoy the aromatic complexity of wine spirits in a unique, friendly atmosphere.

  • Duringspringtime

    During springtime, the days get longer, opening up even more possibilities to discover the region… This is the perfect occasion to explore the region’s charming villages, including:
    – The boating villages of Saint-Simon and Saint-Simeux
    – The historic Cognac sea port of Tonnay Charente
    – The enchanting village of Bourg Charente
    – The ancient hamlets of Bassac
    These have all helped make Cognac the prestigious drink it is today.
    Journey through these picturesque landscapes in a saloon, 4×4… or even a tractor.

  • Duringthe summer

    During the summer, the vineyards sway to the rhythm of the music. Discover the Cognac Blues Passions festival, showcasing an eclectic mix of jazz and blues tunes in various locations across the town, the Fête du Cognac, featuring concerts and cocktails on the quayside, or, for classical music lovers, soak up the sounds of the Symphonie d’Eté with your feet in the sand, not to mention Festi’Classique, offering concerts throughout the Cognac region.
    This is the ideal time of year to take advantage of the terraces and rooftops of the town’s cocktail bars, savouring unique, authentic, tailor-made experiences, a world away from mass consumption. Fancy a taster? Enjoy breathtaking views from the rooftops of Indigo, by the Martell foundation, or the 5-star Chais Monnet hotel.

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hectares of vines in the Cognac appellation.


Where’s the best place to sip a long drink, Cognac Summit, Roasty Milk Punch, Spitfire, Smuggler or just a neat VSOP? Immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere of Bar Louise, check out the stylish hideaway of Bar Luciole, enjoy the rooftop at Bar Indigo, or luxuriate in the intimate setting of 1838 at the Chais Monnet hotel, all located in Cognac.

THE CULINARY DELIGHTSof the Charentes region

The Charentes is also home to outstanding dishes, which often make a perfect match with the region’s famous Cognac! Follow the guide!

  • Awaken the senses

    Cognac is a city where life is made for living in every sense of the term: magical landscapes, soft, gentle light, myriad aromas, authentic flavors, and a laid-back lifestyle. This is the ideal place to put your feet up and unwind.

Take the time to travel with friends, savor delicious lunches and dinners on the waterfront, (re)discover the countryside, or sail to the rhythm of the river during gabarre boat rides on the Charente, Flow Vélo bike tours or walks in the vineyards.

Are you a lover of sleek designs and high-end craftsmanship? The Maison de la Vigne et des Saveurs welcomes visitors all year round in a quintessentially modern building, which serves as a gateway to the entire Cognac wine region. Immerse yourself in the heart of Cognac’s unique expertise and ancient traditions passed down over generations at each house (choice of terroirs, distillation on the lees or from clear wine, etc.).

You will also have the chance to discover the various activities of people who are passionate about what they do, men and women alike, since the latter are increasingly enrolling in professions previously reserved for men (cellar master, enologist, sommelier, etc.). This trend serves to enhance the diversity of the Cognac appellation more than ever before!