The Cognac Educator programme celebrates its 10th anniversaryPress release





Launched in December 2010 by the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac, the Cognac Educator programme has certified nearly one hundred wine and spirits experts worldwide. Over the past 10 years, these Cognac Educators have organised over 1,300 masterclasses and trained 55,000 professionals in 21 countries*, thus helping to promote the Cognac appellation worldwide.

On 5 December 2010, the BNIC launched the very first Cognac Educator programme in Cognac, with participants from the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and France. Since then, around one hundred wine and spirits professionals have been certified in more than twenty countries. Over the past ten years, these new ambassadors have organised over 1,300 masterclasses to promote Cognac culture and helped over 55,000 industry professionals discover this wine spirit.

The Cognac Educator programme aims to certify both French and foreign influencers who are committed to showcasing Cognac culture and sharing their knowledge in their respective countries. Acting as essential market intermediaries, Cognac Educators have hosted conferences and participated in trade fairs and events organised by the BNIC for the past ten years. They come from a diverse range of backgrounds, including tutors, wine retailers, consultants, bartenders, journalists, teachers, and many more.

Every year, around thirty keen experts worldwide apply to join this community, with around a dozen becoming certified Cognac Educators. Each candidate is invited to visit Cognac to immerse themselves in the world of this wine spirit, discover all its unique characteristics and meet key industry players. After three days of training, they will sit two exams – one written and one oral in front of a panel of experts made up of négociants, winegrowers and journalists. Successful candidates will then receive a certificate and join the global Cognac Educator community.

Nearly one hundred Cognac Educators are currently active in over 21 countries and continue to promote Cognac culture around the world, in collaboration with the BNIC.

For more information: cognac.fr/en/tasting/cognac-educator/



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