Joining Forces

Elected representatives have joined forces to develop and protect the Cognac industry

Established in 1946, the BNIC is a coordination and decision-making body for the Cognac industry.

The BNIC is an entity with a shared interest in promoting the economic development of the Cognac industry and all those involved, in compliance with the Cognac Geographical Indication.






professional distillers



Cognac houses

4,276 winegrowers, 117 professional distillers and 283 merchants operating within the geographical indication elect around one hundred representatives, who work together to ensure the industry’s future development.

The BNIC is governed by one fundamental principle: maintaining the balance between winegrowers and merchants, reflected in their equal representation within the BNIC.

Both are represented by trade associations: the UGVC (Union Générale des Viticulteurs pour AOC Cognac) for winegrowers and the SMC (Syndicat des Maisons de Cognac) for merchants.

85 elected members also sit on the DMB.

This organization represents the largest exporter in the French wine and spirits sector, with 3.4 billion euros in export sales.

A hundred staff and expertise in many fields

Around a hundred employees work daily to support the industry stakeholders and partners.

The BNIC centralizes expertise and skills in legal, scientific, technical, administrative, customer relations, quality, and communication fields.

The BNIC counts 102 employees including 39 men and 63 women.