The structure and organization of the BNIC is the result of ongoing, constructive efforts by the industry as a whole, based on three main factors:

  • maintaining the balance between winegrowers and merchants;
  • dialogue, discussion, and coordination within the industry;
  • working together to adopt joint decisions.

Within this context, the BNIC’s internal governance is developed and adjusted to meet the needs of a constantly evolving industry.

Working closely with the Plenary Assembly, the Standing Committee, a strategic, decision-making body, develops policies by directing and arbitrating Commissions, Work Groups and Project Groups.

This preparatory work by the Commissions, Work Groups and Project Groups – acting as consultation and proposal bodies – facilitates decision-making on the basis of the information provided by the teams, acting as a driving force behind the proposals, actions and decisions adopted by the Standing Committee.

Each term of office lasts three years, with the position of president alternating between winegrowers and merchants.

Mr. Patrick Raguenaud, director of the Bourg-Charente site of the Marnier Lapostolle company and Mr. Christophe Forget, winegrower and distiller, have been President and Vice-President of the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC), respectively, since 14 November 2017. During a Plenary Assembly organized the same day, the new Standing Committee members were appointed, responsible for guaranteeing the strategic vision of the Cognac industry.

This new team, elected for three years, intends to pursue ongoing projects and joint discussions chaired by Mr. Jean-Bernard de Larquier, to represent, protect and ensure the sustainable development of the Cognac industry, in a context of dynamic market growth.

The Standing Committee comprises the following:



  • Christophe Forget, Vice-President of the BNIC
  • Christophe Veral, Official Winegrowers’ Representative – President of the UGVC
  • Anthony Brun, Deputy Official Representative
  • Eric Billhouet, President of the DMB


  • Patrick Raguenaud, President of the BNIC
  • Philippe Coste, Official Merchants’ Representative
  • Florent Morillon, Deputy Official Representative
  • Eric Le Gall, Vice-President of the DMB


Acting Patrick Raguenaud


Winegrowers’ Union (UGVC)


Merchants’ Union (SMC)
Distillers’ Union
Cognac Wholesalers’ Union



Alternating Merchant/Winegrower Chairmanship

Plenary Assembly (17+17)
Standing Committee (9+9)

President of the Syndicat Viticole (Winegrowers’ Association)

Delegates’ Assembly (68 + 17)
DMB (17+17)


  • Developing the geographical indication
  • Technical and Sustainable Development
  • Quality
  • Communication
  • Production Business Plan
  • Budget