The structure and organization of the BNIC is the result of ongoing, constructive efforts by the industry as a whole, based on three main factors:

  • maintaining the balance between winegrowers and merchants;
  • dialogue, discussion, and coordination within the industry;
  • working together to adopt joint decisions.

Within this context, the BNIC’s internal governance is developed and adjusted to meet the needs of a constantly evolving industry.

Working closely with the Plenary Assembly, the Standing Committee, a strategic, decision-making body, develops policies by directing and arbitrating Commissions, Work Groups and Project Groups.

This preparatory work by the Commissions, Work Groups and Project Groups – acting as consultation and proposal bodies – facilitates decision-making on the basis of the information provided by the teams, acting as a driving force behind the proposals, actions and decisions adopted by the Standing Committee.

Parity in operation, a three-year term office

Each term of office lasts three years, with the position of president alternating between a representative of winegrowers or merchants.

Standing Committee members were appointed, responsible for guaranteeing the strategic vision of the Cognac industry.

The 2020-2023 mandate is a continuation of the projects and discussions carried out collectively under the presidency of Mr. Christophe VERAL, to represent, protect and ensure the sustainable development of the Cognac industry, in a context of dynamic market growth.

The Standing Committee comprises the following:



  • Christophe VERAL – president of the BNIC
  • Anthony Brun, Official Winegrowers’ Representative – President of the UGVC
  • Nicolas Baudry
  • Eric Billhouet, President of the DMB and alternate for the official representative of the viticulture family
  • François Bodin
  • Christophe Forget
  • Stéphane Roy
  • Jean-Christophe Baraud – alternate for the official representative of the viticulture family


  • Alexandre Gabriel – vice-président du BNIC
  • Florent Morillon – Official Merchants’ Representative
  • Eric Le Gall – president of the Syndicat des Maisons de Cognac (SMC)
  • Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen – Alternate for the Official Merchants’ Representative
  • Philippe Jouhaud
  • Patrice Pinet
  • Mélina Py – Vice-President of the DMB
  • Patrick Léger – Alternate for the merchants


Acting Raphaël Delpech


Winegrowers’ Union (UGVC)


Merchants’ Union (SMC)
Distillers’ Union
Cognac Wholesalers’ Union



Alternating Merchant/Winegrower Chairmanship

Plenary Assembly (17+17)
Standing Committee (9+9)

President of the Syndicat Viticole (Winegrowers’ Association)

Delegates’ Assembly (68 + 17)
DMB (17+17)


  • Developing the geographical indication
  • Technical and Sustainable Development
  • Quality
  • Communication
  • Production Business Plan
  • Budget