Cognac au Cœur : a new collective communication campaign to promote recruitment in the Cognac sector

On Thursday 28 July 2022, as part of the Fête du Cognac, the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC) unveiled a brand-new communication campaign to attract, recruit, support and retain new talent within the Cognac sector. The “Cognac au Cœur” brand was developed alongside French State services and regional employment bodies. It will support joint actions to promote the attractiveness of the Cognac sector, both locally and nationally.

Committed to sustainable growth, the Cognac sector makes attractiveness and employment its top priorities. Attracting new talent, developing skills and optimising the organisation of training programmes should enable the Cognac sector and its region to fill thousands of additional jobs in the years to come.  To support these actions over the long term, the BNIC and its partners have collectively developed a special communication campaign called “Cognac au Cœur” whose mission is to attract, recruit, support and retain new talent within the Cognac industry. These partners include French State services, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, the Charente and Charente-Maritime departments, the Greater Cognac area, the Mutuelle Sociale Agricole (MSA), Pôle emploi, the Association Nationale pour l’Emploi et la Formation en Agriculture (ANEFA), Les Missions Locales, the Maison De l’Emploi (MDE), Cap emploi, employer groups, job training and integration workshops, training funding providers (OCAPIAT and VIVEA), training bodies, the Centres de Formation des Apprentis (CFA), the Maisons Familiales et Rurales (MFR) network, agricultural colleges and the Centres de Formation et Promotion Professionnelle Agricole (CFPPA). This follows on from the media campaign launched in 2021 by the Cognac interprofession (BNIC) to showcase the contribution made by the Charente winegrowing community to its region.

Designed with the help of the advertising agency Publicis, this “Cognac Employer brand” will showcase the attractiveness of Cognac, which goes beyond its markets – where the product truly inspires – and extends to its production region, where exciting career and development opportunities are available. Employment and career guidance professionals, as well as applicants, will be reminded that joining the Cognac sector means working in innovative professions, opening up horizons and being part of a large, welcoming family in a dynamic and evolving field.

The brand’s graphics borrow from urban culture and street art; its strong identity codes are representative of Cognac culture worldwide. “Cognac au Cœur” portrays the roles of real professionals, both men and women, whether tractor operators, vineyard managers, oenologists, forklift operators, production line workers or students and apprentices. This collective communication campaign will be rolled out primarily at the regional level and among local and national employment bodies, in the form of posters, digital media, events and the provision of communication kits to employment professionals.

The campaign consolidates the actions carried out by a dedicated “Employment, Training and Attractiveness” commission created in 2020 within the Cognac interprofession whose main missions are to:

  • promote all professions in the Cognac sector and promote the sector’s attractiveness;
  • develop employment in the region;
  • help with recruitment and the transmission of Cognac expertise;
  • adapt and promote training programmes;
  • set up observatories to centralise data and identify needs and available resources.


“Cognac au Cœur” logo

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