13  juin  2023
14  juin  2023




In the United States, the Cognac interprofession, alongside other Cognac houses, is taking part in the Brooklyn Bar Convent on June 13 and 14, in New York. An opportunity for the appellation to highlight Cognac to international bartenders.

In the United States, the interprofession, alongside other Cognac houses, will be present at the Bar Convent Brooklyn, on June 13 and 14, in New York. The event will provide an opportunity to (re)discover the aromatic diversity of Cognac to an audience of seasoned international bar professionals.

The program includes two seminars given by two Cognac Educators from the appellation:

1. The VS focus:
led by Dan Nicolaescu, is an opportunity for bar professionals to appreciate the diversity of young Cognacs by comparing six VS from different brands;

2. The XO focus:
hosted by ms francky marshall, is an opportunity to taste XO cognacs from different vintages of the appellation with the aim of discovering how the elements of wood, time and blending influence the Cognac’s aromatic profile.

Born in Berlin in 2018, the Bar Convent Brooklyn has become one of the most renowned international trade shows and moved to New York the same year.

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The BNIC, or Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac, represents, develops and preserves the Cognac AOC (Appellation d’origine contrôlée), both in France and abroad.

In the 150+ countries where Cognac is sold, this Geographical Indication provides consumers with a guarantee that they are buying an outstanding wine spirit. Comprising an equal number of members from the winegrowing and commercial sides of the industry, the BNIC is a coordination and decision-making body which brings together almost 4,300 winegrowers and grower-distillers, 120 professional distillers, and 290 merchants operating within the appellation.

The BNIC defends the interests of Cognac producers and consumers, with an unwavering commitment to everyone with an interest in this appellation.