The BNIC’S missions

Since 1946


on behalf of the DGDDI (Directorate-General of Customs and Indirect Taxes)

  • monitoring Cognac movements
  • monitoring aging registers
  • issuing Cognac certificates

Since 2010


  • defending and managing the Cognac GI
  • verifying compliance with Cognac GI specifications
  • Implementing an audit plan

Since 1946 and 1989


  • Understanding, defending, and promoting the geographical indication
  • organizing Cognac production and responding to market requirements;
  • facilitating access to markets
  • implementing a Research and Development policy
  • providing downstream quality control

A public service mission from the outset

Since 1946, the French customs authority has delegated public service missions for the Cognac area to the BNIC.

In response to the demands of Cognac import markets requesting proof of a minimum aging period for wine spirits entering their territory, the indirect taxation authority (formerly the General Directorate for Customs) introduced a wine spirits register and aging certificates.

The BNIC undertakes the following public service missions:

  • Monitoring Cognac movements: the BNIC issues Electronic Administrative Documents (e-AD), which monitor the movement of goods under suspension of excise duty on behalf of the Cognac trade.
  • Monitoring aging registers: thanks to its precise monitoring of Cognac and wine movements, the BNIC monitors the stocks of each operator by aging category, from 00 (when the wine spirit is put into barrel) to 10 (corresponding to 10 years’ barrel aging). The BNIC ensures reliable monitoring by collecting and processing Monthly Summary Declarations, mostly digitalized today.
  • Issuing Cognac certificates: collecting and processing these declarations enables the BNIC to guarantee the age and origin of its members’ Cognac stocks. Under the French customs delegation, the BNIC is authorized to issue export certificates guaranteeing the age and origin of products shipped. These certificates are intended for the customs services of the recipient countries.

An interprofession since 1946

The BNIC has been entrusted with all missions assigned to inter-professional organizations by law since 1946..

Within this context, the BNIC is permanently committed to:

  • understanding, defending and promoting the geographical indication;
  • organizing Cognac production and responding to market requirements;
  • facilitating access to markets;
  • developing an R&D and sustainable development policy;
  • providing downstream quality control.


A recognized Defense and Management Body since 2010

The BNIC has been recognized as a Defense and Management Body (DMB) since 22 December 2010 and is therefore responsible for monitoring Cognac specifications and implementing the audit plan, thus consolidating the institution’s promotional role and protecting the Geographical Indication.

The Cognac PDO is based on three factors:


know-how developed over centuries

The DMB department at the BNIC proposes any changes to be made to the specifications. The DMB then submits the proposed changes to the INAO . Its members participate in the implementation of quality control plans, in conjunction with a certifying body.