Around the world, a new generation of mixologists, looking for authenticity and unusual flavors, takes pleasure in showcasing Cognac and its incredible range of aromas.

Cognac displays a rare elegance, resulting from a wealth of expertise, contributing tremendous smoothness and freshness to cocktails. Cognac featured in the very first cocktails in the 19th century, as well as the great classics, constantly reinventing itself and inspiring mixologists.


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The historyof Cognac cocktails

  • Cognac,
    fresh mint
    & sugar

  • Cognac, sugar
    Peychaud’s bitter
    Absinthe La Fée Parisian

  • Cognac,
    sugar, bitter
    and lemon zest

  • Cognac,
    lemon juice, sugar
    and sparkling water

  • Cognac,
    ginger ale
    aromatics bitters and lemon zest

  • Cognac,
    Mint cream

  • Cognac,
    fresh lemon juice, 
    and triple sec

  • Cognac, 
    liquid cream 
    and cocoa cream

  • Cognac, lemonade
    slices of ginger, 
    piece of cucumber and lemon zest

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Find your style and inspiration in this palette of Cognac cocktails.

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