Masterclass Cognac X Sushi USA




On February 10, 2021, the BNIC organizes an online masterclass for some American journalists. The event includes a discovery of the history of Cognac and its region of production, the diversity of its producers and brands, and the experiences that Cognac offers. Among these experiences, participants will be able to experiment pairings between Cognac and sushis.

The Cognac Educator Ezra Star and award-winning Japanese chef and cookbook author Hiroko Shimbo will explore, during this 100% digitalized masterclass, an original and unprecedented pairing of Cognac and sushis.
To appreciate this Cognac pairing, the two presenters will explain how to taste and what happens when Cognac meets sushi flavors.
Prior to the masterclass, participants will receive a tasting kit with different samples of VS, VSOP and XO cognacs, as well as a sushi kit to make them at home, some goodies and a signed copy of “The Sushi Experience” by Hiroko Shimbo.
This brand new encounter is the perfect illustration of a subtle alliance between power and sweetness for a gourmet meal.

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