Cognac at the dinner table

Cognac can be enjoyed in a variety of ways: neat, on the rocks, in cocktails, but that’s not all! It also makes a perfect accompaniment to a wide variety of dishes. From the starter to dessert, discover our suggested Cognac-food pairings to create outstanding meals that delight the eyes and taste buds.
Time to eat!


At the dinner table, Cognac is ideal served with tasty, characterful dishes.

Before you embark on our gastronomic voyage, here’s a recap of our tasting tips. Tasting Cognac neat starts with your intuition. Firstly, awaken your nose by sniffing the Cognac without swirling the glass beforehand – this stage is known as the “first nose“. Then, prepare your palate: a small sip is enough to experience Cognac in all its finesse. Frozen Cognac may also be used for this stage. To appreciate Cognac-food pairings in all their splendor, stimulate your taste buds by taking a mouthful of food followed by a small sip of Cognac. This interplay reveals all the flavors of your dish as well as Cognac’s aromatic complexity.

  • Cognac Pairings

    (served at -18 C). VS and Frozen VS Cognacs go beautifully with delicately smoked herring. Cognac’s grape, citrus, pear, vine flower and petunia aromas enhance the salty, smoky flavors of the herring.

  • Cognac pairings

    VSOP Cognacs are the ideal partner for extra-mature Mimolette cheese. Mimolette’s fresh walnut notes and tasty aromas perfectly complement Cognac’s pepper, clove, and candied fruit aromas. You are sure to like it!

  • Cognac pairings

    Try XO Cognac with pigeon à l’orange. Pairing with game reveals a rich array of aromas, including leather, fine oak, spices, jasmine, and tropical fruit, characteristic of rich, long-aged Cognacs with well-integrated oak tannins.

Did you know?


Umami is Cognac’s best friend. Umami is the fifth basic taste (in addition to sweet, salty, sour, and bitter), described as intensely savory.


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DELICIOUS MEALS :from start to finish

Looking for original Cognac-food pairings with panache? Join us on an exciting gastronomic voyage. What better way to impress your guests!



Bayonne ham

Dry-cured for months, Bayonne ham and its “umami” is always a hit, as well as Parme, Serrano or Pata Negra… Thin slices served on a board with a VO or VSOP cognac make a perfect aperitif.

Subtle pairing :
Frozen VS Cognac

Did you know ?


Cognac stored at -18°C is known as “frozen” Cognac. This sensational tasting experience was launched around fifteen years ago.



Norway lobsters and its seasonal vegetables


A noticeable strong bond ties Norway lobsters, crustacean naturally rich in umami, to cognacs and the type of cooking process used is crucial. When combining with XO the Norway lobsters need to be very well cooked: roasted, enhanced with spices and gravy. With a VS Frozen, the blend works best with unflavoured products.

Subtle pairing :
VSOP Cognac



Raspberries tartlet


Red fruits, particularly raspberries and cherries with their sour taste, naturally match with XO cognacs but can also sometimes be paired with younger cognacs.

Subtle pairing :
XO Cognac


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These pairings are the result of a collective project during the International Cognac Summit, organized by the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC), involving 45 international tasting experts. During this event, chefs, professionals from the catering and spirits industries, and food journalists highlighted a range of delicious pairings. You too can experience a wealth of flavors and emotions by tasting delicious food and Cognac matches throughout a meal. All these matches have been referenced in the Cognac Pairing app.


The “Cognac Pairing” app provides a perfect guide to Cognac-food pairings, useful for both beginners and experts.
We have created a wide range of recipes and pairings to share with family and friends. Quintessential Cognac-food pairings are always at your fingertips with our practical, easy-to-use mobile app! Free download on Android and Apple.

Glossary / A brief overview of Cognac

  • Key Cognac-food pairings – Key Cognac-food pairings provide the perfect balance of flavors, enhancing your tasting pleasure.
  • Possible Cognac-food pairings – Possible Cognac-food pairings offer a subtle balance of flavors. One of these two elements take precedence over the other. Of course, these delicious pairings will not necessarily suit all tastes.