Whether consumed neat "on the rocks" with coffee or desserts Cognac is always a source of pleasure.

In gastronomy as in life the beginning and end of a meal are most important. The former sets the tone while the latter leaves the final impression flavourful and satisfying, so that you take away a special memory of shared enjoyment. This is the opportunity to discover Cognac’s wide range of aromas> perfectly suited to a variety of dishes..

  • Frozen Cognac

    Cognac served “on the rocks” is ideal as an aperitif regardless of the purists who consider it disrespectful to “pollute” it. A VSOP Cognac for instance is particularly delicious served this way. The cold temperature reduces the impression of alcoholic power of the Cognac while releasing its myriad candied and dried fruit aromas.

    Recipeof the expert

    1. For 2cl Cognac into a tumbler,
    2. add several ice cubes,
    3. stir gently,
    4. and taste.

  • Cognac & dessert

    Cognac is ideal paired with indulgent dishes, especially desserts such as Crème brûlée with VS Cognac or tarte Tatin with Frozen Cognac are absolutely exquisite! Or, for a lighter option, why not try pairing Cognac with fruit? Chilled fresh pineapple with Frozen VS is a match made in heaven.


    For sensational pairings, serve 2cl VSOP or XO Cognac with chocolate or almond desserts. Pairing Cognac with an apricot or orange tart or Crème brûlée creates an extraordinary interplay of delicate flavours.
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  • Cognac & coffee

    Like whisky in Irish Coffee, Cognac is the perfect companion to coffee. It can be tasted either as an accompaniment to a fine espresso or as a shot in coffee.

    In this mix, as in fine cuisine, 1+1 = 3. The flavours do not overpower each other – instead, the overall impression creates a third flavour, highlighting the acidity, generous flavours, and softness of each drink.


    Take a cup of excellent coffee, pour 2cl Cognac into a tulip glass and taste one followed by the other, as in a Cognac-food pairing.

  • Neat Cognac

    This is how the purists like to enjoy Cognac, in its most natural form, with the greatest respect for the cellarmasters who have carefully nurtured its development. Would you like to experience it for yourself ? It’s our pleasure to guide you through the process.


    For 2 to 4cl Cognac into a glass. We recommend a tulip-shaped glass, to enhance the aromatic complexity of the Cognac.
    Observe the colour and texture. Luminous and brilliant, with “legs” or “tears” that slide down the inside of the glass.
    Without swirling beforehand, gently bring the glass towards your nose. This will make it easier to detect Cognac’s wide range of aromas (floral, fruity, oaky, or spicy) without the alcohol becoming overbearing.
    Once it is on your palate, take the time to experience its aromatic complexity, rare sweetness, roundness, and slightly bittersweet notes.


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The “Cognac Pairing” mobile app guides beginners and experts in your Cognac-food matches. Choose by type of dish or Cognac to create the perfect pairing based on what you have at hand!

The “Cognac Pairing” app provides a perfect guide to Cognac-food pairings, useful for both beginners and experts.
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