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Surfing Through the Cognac Site
Site cognac.fr is divided into four different universes to help you find easily the information you are looking for, and a common column, located on the right.
The Browser
Use the rudder-like browser on the upper left hand corner of the site to move from one universe to another.
All you need to do is move the mouse over the color arrow and click on the universe you wish to visit.

Knowing and Understanding
The Right-Hand Side Column
The headings located on the right of the content pages may be accessed at any time regardless of the universe you are located.
Right Column Headings Detail

All About Cognac


  • History
  • The history of a legendary eau-de-vie.
  • Appellation
  • Regulations of the Controlled Appellation of Origin.
  • Delimited Region
  • The production region and the Cognac growth areas. Interactive map of growth areas.
  • Reading a Label
  • Understanding the mentions that appear on a Cognac label.


  • Harvesting
  • Grape varieties, harvest, and vinification.
  • Distillation
  • The secrets of Charentais distillation. Interactive animation.
  • Cooperage
  • The making of casks destined for Cognac's ageing.
  • Ageing
  • The secrets of Cognac's eaux-de-vie ageing.
  • Blending
  • The art of the Master Blender.

    region and maps

  • Map of Growth Areas
  • Interactive map of the Delimited Region
  • Cognac Region
  • The appeals of the Delimited Region
  • Tourism
  • Tourism in the Delimited Region

    Consumption & Current Events

    cognac current events

  • Actions, Events
  • Cognac's current events through the actions carried out by the BNIC.


  • Suggestions
  • The different ways of enjoying Cognac.
  • Straight
  • Discover the pleasure of a Cognac straight.
  • Long Drink
  • A few ideas for Cognac long drinks.
  • Cocktails
  • Some recipes for Cognac cocktails.

    practical advice

  • Reading a Label
  • Understanding the mentions that appear on a Cognac label.
  • The Art of Wine Tasting
  • Learning to taste Cognac


  • Gastronomy
  • Cooking with Cognac.
  • Cognac Recipes
  • A few Cognac cooking recipes.
  • Dish/Cognac Perfect Pairs
  • Which is the perfect Cognac for a certain dish?

    Wineries & Producers


  • Search
  • Direct search of a wholesaler or a direct vendor by its name, company name or brand...

    Advanced Search

  • Search Module
  • To refine your selection.
  • Search Help
  • Some advice.


  • Full List
  • All Cognac wholesalers, direct vendors, and co-ops currently active.
      - Access the description record of every wholesaler, direct vendor, or co-op,
    - view the presentation of the brand image,
    - view the company location within the Delimited Region.
  • Brands on the Internet
  • Links to the Internet sites of Cognac Brands.

    Professional Area - free Access


  • Mission of the BNIC
  • An institution at the service of Cognac.
  • Organization
  • BNIC's structure.
  • Departments
  • The BNIC's organization into departments. Work of each department towards their mission.
  • Organization Charts
  • All of BNIC's organigrams.
  • Financing
  • Table summarizing BNIC's financing.
  • BNIC News
  • All actions carried out by the BNIC.

    Documentation Center

  • Organization
  • BNIC's Documentation and Information Center
  • Publications of the BNIC
  • All of BNIC's publications.


  • Precisions
  • Defines who are those involved in Cognac production.
  • Vineyard
  • The Delimited Region vineyard in figures.
  • Crop
  • The last harvest in figures.
  • Production
  • The Cognac eau-de-vie production.
  • Shipments : Key Figures
  • Key figures for Cognac exports based on a civil year or a wine campaign.
  • Main Markets
  • The 10 main markets for Cognac based on a civil year or a wine campaign.
  • Stocks
  • The stock of Cognac eau-de-vie in figures.
  • Other uses
  • Cognac is also used in the elaboration of Pineau des Charentes, as well as in food products...
  • Figures & Statistics
  • Publications of the BNIC's Statistics Service.
  • Cognac Industry
  • More than 50,000 people live off the production of Cognac. But, who are they?

    Press Area

  • Press Dossiers
  • Access the press dossiers proposed by the BNIC.
  • All Press Releases
  • Press releases issued by the BNIC.
  • 1001 Ways
  • A few article ideas on Cognac.

  • Home
  • Return to the home page of the universe where you are located.
  • Contact Us
  • Our company information: mail, address, telephone, fax.
  • Site Map
  • To help you surf our web and access our headings directly.
  • Press Area
  • The area dedicated to journalists - free access.
  • Current Events
  • The BNIC's current events and actions. Advanced search.
  • Cognac in a
    few words
  • Animated video to understand Cognac in just a few words.
  • Cognac in
    the world
  • Animated video that presents the international side of Cognac.
  • Quiz
  • To test your knowledge on Cognac. There are three levels of difficulty.
  • FAQ
  • The answer to the most frequently asked questions.
  • Glossary
  • To understand all Cognac-related terms.
  • Publications
  • All of BNIC's publications.
  • Goodies
  • Wallpapers, images, and music you may download...
  • Links
  • Our selection of sites to visit.
  • Back to the Intro
  • Return to the Flash animation of the introduction page.
  • Legal Terms
  • Legal Information, Hosting, Intellectual Property Rights , Responsibility..
  • Copyrights
  • Editing, Production, Conception and Design, Picture Credits, Flash Animations Credits, Host...