BNIC's Departments Organization
The Cognac Interprofession BNIC's Services Organization
The BNIC departments are organized in specialized teams to respond in an efficient manner to the demands of professionals and to the missions they are entrusted with.
The Management
  • Mission
  • Ensure the optimum adaptation between the objectives set by the interprofession and BNIC's structure;
  • Manage a small-medium enterprise of about a hundred collaborators
  • Insure optimum relations with Cognac professionals
  • Represent the BNIC

The Departments
Legal, Economic, and Tax Affairs
  • Mission
  • Study the legal aspects (cognac-related law, AOC protection, environment and security...)
  • Access to markets
  • Tax follow-ups
  • Advice

Station Viticole (Technical Department)
  • Mission
  • Cognac production and enological research
  • Analysis
  • Service provisions
  • Knowledge and defense of AOC products
  • Diffusion of scientific and technical information

Ages Control
  • Mission

Marketing and Communication
  • Mission
  • Discovering Cognac and make the Appellation of Origin be widely known

IT and Statistics
  • Mission
  • Managing the BNIC's information systems
  • Studies, analysis and statistical publications

Human and Financial Resources
  • Mission
  • Managing finances, the budget, and the personnel
  • Publications