Professions Linked to the Cognac Economy
The Economy of Cognac
The region's economy is historically linked to Cognac's prosperity...
More than 50 ,000 people live off the production of Cognac
The "Cognac Enterprise" is made up of about 16,800 active individuals, which accounts for over 50% of the active general agricultural population in France. If we include the dependants of these active workers, we would obtain about 50,000 inhabitants living off this product. A quite significant amount when compared to the 944,679(1) inhabitants of the Delimited Region.

16,800 direct employments
Cognac Growing: 10,000 individuals (2)
If we calculate an average of 2 people by exploitation, the total active population working in white wine production of the Cognac Appellation would approximately be of 10,000.
Distillation and Trade: 2,900 people(2)
The number of employees in distilleries and businesses is estimated to be approximately 2900
Annexed professions: 3,900 people
For the whole Cognac consulate district, the labor used for annexed professions is divided as follows:
  • Carboard and Printing Presses: 811
  • Glassmaking: 696
  • Cooperage: 988
  • Transport, transit, insurance: 369
  • Corking: 114
  • BNIC and oenological laboratories: 123
  • Miscellaneous (brokers, boilermakers, makers of farm products): 270
For the Delimited Region, the corresponding figure may be estimated at: 3 900(3)
Cognac Operators

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