The Cognac Markets: Calendar Year
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With 97,7% of it being exported, Cognac is marketed in over 150 world countries. The selected reference period is the calendar year of January 1st to December 31st of the previous year.
Calculation Method
In the same way as wine is normally quantified in volume hectoliters, amounts for Cognac generally express pure alcohol.
In this case and to facilitate understanding, the figures and graphics indicating Cognac exports are expressed in millions of bottles.

The equivalence in bottles is calculated as follows:

Cognac Exports
Evolution of Cognac Exports in the World
Part of Foreign Markets
Cognac Shipments Foreign Markets
Cognac Shipments Based on Spirit Age

***, VS: 49.4%
Superior qualities (VSOP and above): 50.6%
Cognac Main Markets in 2018