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The Cognac Directory Universe presents you with a list of most of Cognac companies, direct vendors, and co-ops currently active. This page will provide you with all the required information for your search.
General Information
  • You may search directly by name or chose to display a list.
  • The list results are classified by company name.
    You may also sort the list alphabetically by brand, city or by electronic information (internet site and e-mail address).
  • The full list includes many operators that market Cognac. However, associated information (description record, associated brands) are only displayed if they have been revealed to us by the interested party.
  • All Cognac companies, direct vendors, and co-ops included in the list market Cognac. Thus, this criteria is selected by default.
How To...
Search for a Brand, a Cognac Company, or a Direct Vendor
On the menu's "Search" field, enter the name or part of the name you are searching for.
Then, click on the arrow:
You will obtain as results all the records that contain the word you searched for.
Display the Full List of Cognac Companies and Direct Vendors
Go to the heading:

Lists > Full List

In the small drop-down list on the top right hand corner of the full list you may select an activity: Cognac company, direct vendor, or co-op.
Refine Your Search
To refine your search, you may add selection criteria. Go to the heading:

Support > Advanced Search

On the Advanced Search page, you may add selection criteria in order to restrict your search field.

If you wish to display the list of producers that market Cognac and Pinau and that also offer bed and breakfast,
you would have to select the activity "direct vendor" and select the boxes "Pineau des Charentes" and "Bed and Breakfast".

All Cognac companies and producers included in the list market Cognac mandatorily. Thus, this criteria is selected by default.

Display the List of Cognac Brands' Internet Sites
Go to the heading:

Lists> Brands on the Internet

This list reflects information that was communicated to us by Cognac companies.