BNIC's Role and Missions
An interprofessional organization entrusted with public service missions, the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC) acts on behalf of all the Cognac growers and firms of the region of production.
A Bit of History...
Around 1875 the phylloxera plague hit Charente and destroyed most of the vineyards. Only about 40 000 ha were left in 1893. This drama gave birth in 1888 to the Viticulture Committee, followed by the Cognac Station Viticole in 1892. Many years of patient efforts were necessary before the economy of the region could recover.

On May 1st, 1909, the Cognac area of production was delimited. In 1936, Cognac became a Controlled Apellation of Origin.

During the Second World War, the wine and eaux-de-vie distribution bureau was created to preserve the stock of Cognac. When the war ended, in 1946, it was replaced by the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac and the Station Viticole was placed under its authority in 1948.

Since then all the stages of Cognac’s production have been strictly regulated to guarantee its quality and authenticity. Its reputation has continued to grow ever since.
What is the BNIC?
The BNIC is an interprofessional organization as defined by Article L631 of the French Rural Code. It is a private institution financed by the Cognac professionals (Cognac companies and growers). However, it is entrusted with public service missions.

Its members are appointed in equal numbers by the trade organizations that are most representative of the growers and merchants. A president is elected for a five-year term.

The State is represented by an Economic and Financial General Controller, appointed by the
Ministry of Finance, and by the heads of various relevant administrations associated to Cognac. (DGDDI, DGCCRF, DRAF, DDAF, FranceAgriMer, and INAO…)

The Plenary Meeting is in charge of taking all the decisions pertaining to every facet of Cognac following their proposal by the Standing Committee and consultation with specialised commissions.

The BNIC’s various departments are in charge of assuring the execution of these decisions.
BNIC's Mission
Together, the Cognac growers and merchants have defined the BNIC’s mission as follows:
«To develop and promote Cognac, representing the best interests of all Cognac professionals including growers, merchants and members of other activities related to the Cognac trade».
  • Structure the region of production
  • Increase knowledge of the appellation, and protect it
  • Facilitate market access
  • Promote Cognac
  • Establish the conditions necessary to accomplish all its missions
  • Fulfill all the missions delegated by the Government

  • BNIC has ratified the « Code of Good Conduct on Commercial Communication for Alcoholic Beverages».